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    How to Set Up a Child Friendly Vacation Rental Cabin or Cottage

    We have successfully designed vacation cabins and cottages in Asheville, Fletcher and Hendersonville, North Carolina that are extremely child friendly and we would love to share our ideas on how to set up one of your own.  There is nothing more exciting to children on vacation than to be in a home with areas especially designed for their pleasure!  And it’s a big bonus to parents for their children to be thoroughly entertained during their week stay at one of our kid friendly homes. 



    We find our one and two bedroom homes are primarily rented by couples for romantic getaways and honeymoons with less call for children’s needs.  In these homes we supply the basic Pack N Play, small stroller, high chair, toy box and soft blankies.  It is the 3+ bedroom homes rented by families with children that we refer to in this article.


    We love to be excessive…and impressive…in what we offer our guests!  With so many vacation homes from which to choose, we endeavor to offer the most and the best so potential guests will select one of our vacation rental homes for their stay.  With that said, here is an idea of how we attract guests with children to our Asheville vacation rental homes:



    We purchase the Playnation brand Premium Wooden Play Systems.  They are well-built, heavy & strong for years of constant use.  The largest system is at our White Stone Lake Manor, a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 4000 square foot home on several acres with a private lake.  Family reunions are often held here usually with 5 or 6 children.  This playground has a covered fort (kids love to sleep there in the sleeping bags we provide), 3 swings including a toddler swing, 2 slides (one is an enclosed spiral), climbing rope wall, tire swing, clatter bridge and picnic table.  We place benches nearby for the parents to comfortably supervise their kids. We also provide kid size crash helmets.  This elaborate Playnation system costs about $6000 and the smaller systems at our other homes are closer to $2000. 




    These cheerful rooms are devoted to a child’s fantasy & imagination….murals, bright colors, as many exceptionally soft stuffed animals that will fit (which is several hundred at our largest home), and, if it will fit, a walk-in play house (these we purchase at Toys R Us – about $400 – $500).  The playrooms, filled with children’s toys, games, books, & soft blankies, provide countless hours of play for the kids.  We also have a variety of kid movies they can watch on our TV/DVD/VHS throughout the home.


    Colorful Kids Play Area at the Rose Cottage

    Colorful Kids Play Area at the Rose Cottage


    Note:  We suggest that you do NOT provide crayons, marker pens or paints.  Clean up after children is a major housekeeping chore when guests leave but crayons marked on walls is something you do not want to encourage.  It’s also good to avoid putting breakable decor in the home. 



    It is a great relief for parents traveling with small infants (who seem to require a great deal of special paraphernalia) to find our homes equipped with a full size crib with bumper pad & bedding, high chair, stroller, infant bath tub, playpen, child gates, etc.  Although used for the entire household, another necessity with babies and children are a full size washer and dryer! 



    In addition to the playroom and outdoor equipment, children appreciate chairs and picnic tables especially their size.  Parents also appreciate the colorful kids tableware for their children….plastic plates, cups (including sip cups) and silverware.  We provide quick inflate/deflate twin air beds since you never know where kids want to sleep.  We have plenty of twin bedding as well as children’s sleeping bags. 



    Teens and adults like the Play Station game player with games, foosball table, badmitten, croquet, board games, etc.  If you have plenty of spare room in your home, consider putting in a pool table.  And, everyone loves a huge big screen television!



    Cleaning is much more extensive and expensive that with only adults.  We find fingerprints in all the glass doors & windows, toys & game pieces hidden in the oddest places, baby spit-up just about anywhere that one needs to be a detective to find!  We also have a large investment in what we provide for children.  So, we consider children and infants as full fledged guests and charge accordingly. 




    Stephanie Joy Johnson


    You’ll be outrageously spoiled staying at our luxury vacation homes.

    Cribs are greatly appreciated by traveling parents!

    Cribs are greatly appreciated by traveling parents!

    Playroom with walk in Play House at the White Stone Lake Manor

    Playroom with walk in Play House at the White Stone Lake Manor

    Playroom with Play House & Jungle Mural at the View Chalet, Asheville NC

    Playroom with Play House & Jungle Mural at the View Chalet, Asheville NC

    Kids Play Ground at Rose Cottage

    Kids Play Ground at Rose Cottage


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